Bionic Runner in 99 words

Imagine running PB’s and eliminating 5 million lbs of impact every week. Runners do it now and so can you. Simply swap 2 runs for bionic runs of the same time. Tempo, interval, Fartlek, or long runs. Run other sessions. Exercise the same muscles and tendons and get your heart rate into running zones. Train outdoors, or put it on a bike trainer indoors. Prevent plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, tears and strains. Backed by science. Loved by thousands of runners. Recommended by doctors, and physiotherapists. Used in 35 countries. It’s fun. It's proven. It’s addictive. It’s guaranteed. It’s the future.                                    

"I use the Bionic Runner to remain fast, fit and injury free. My cadence has increased 6 steps a minute and my running core is stronger."

John Shaw

World Age Marathon Record Holder 63 years - 2:45:33

(picture - John breaking away to win the World Masters in Perth 2016 and set the WR)

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How do I use it

Simply swap out two runs for Bionic Runs

It's simple, swap out two or more runs for Bionic Runs.  Most people pick a long run and a recovery run.  Some runners prefer to perform acrtivities on their Bionic Runner that can have a higher risk of injury like Fartlek and intervals.  They do this because they cannot overstride and cause an over extension injury like a hamstring strain. It really is up to you  

Bionic Bricks  -  a safe and effective way to increase your training load, and to build strength for increased mileage is to start doing Bionic Bricks.  This is where you add a bionic run at the end of a run to increase mileage safely. It works because it allows you to continue to build your running strength and fitness, when you are fatiguing.  If you were running this is when your form is likely to suffer and you can be susceptible to injury.  However by swapping to the BR, you are protected from both over-extension and impact fatigue.

The important thing is listen to your body. If you feel you have been over training, or pushed it a bit hard, think of having a session on the Bionic Runner to still train but protect your body from injury.  Think of it as a regulator to keep injury at bay.   

Why does it work?

Running Training causes physiological adaptions to increase the oxidation of fuel by running muscles and to deal with the carbon dioxide and lactic acid produced.
By specifically recruiting and stressing the same muscles as running, the Bionic Runner’s 60:40 swing vs stance phase timing causes similar physiological adaptations to improve running-specific fitness. 
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We set ourselves a massive task to re-design the elliptical machine for runners.

Until now all elliptical trainers used a straight crank arm that connects the bicycle crank to the track or swing arm. This outdated design is the cause of the problems runners have with ellipticals.   

We challenged ourselves to look at everything.  The gait motion, timing, foot landing, joint angles, muscle activation and heart rate intensity.  It wasn't easy

We didn't get ti right first go.  It took 4 years of prototype after prototype. Testing with runners, redesigning, and remaking. But when we finally cracked it, the result was literally ground breaking.  

 The research created a "U" shaped crank arm and a pivoting pedal

 ...and that changed everything

In the end it sounds simple. We changed a straight arm on an elliptical into a “U” shape, but what that did was change everything. It gives you a high kickup, your foot lands under your body and it alters the timing so it feels similar to running without the thuds. Most importantly it gets your heart rate into the same zones as running, and it exercises the same muscles and tendons.

And we added a pivoting pedal to ensure all you ankle, knee and hip angles feel natural.  It fixes everything that was wrong with old school ellipticals.

"I started training with the Bionic Runner over a year ago and I have PD'd every race since."

Tom Bell

Looks like a bike
...feels like a runner

Unlike bikes or elliptical trainers, the Bionic Runner feels natural to runners.  It has a high kick up at the back, and your foot lands under your body.  The patented 60:40 swing / stance phase timing will feel familiar to you as a runner. We put this mechanism on a bike, so you can train where you run.

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Say goodbye to injury and say hello to healthy.

Why do sports people, from NFL to swimmers cross train?   Because it is effective.  And unfortunately, until now,  there has been no effective tool for runners.  Look around you, we get injured all the time.  Plantar Fasciitis, Hammy strains, calf tears, Achilles strains, torn quads, runners knee, hip labral tears, the list goes on.  When you train on the BR you cannot overstride and there is no impact transient. So you take the two biggest causes of injury out of the equation. Take control of your training today, get a Bionic Runner for a better running tomorrow.

Check out the models 

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Backed by Science

The Bionic Runner is the result of 7 years R&D.  It has been refined with feedback from runners in 35 countries.  We have been published in the Australian Strength and Conditioning Journal and the Sports Technology Journal.

Ground Reaction Forces

Eliminate impact but maxamize toe off

6 Most Common Questions

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The 4 unique features of every Bionic Runner

Unleash New Training Options

Training with a Bionic Runner gives you a bio-mechanical advantage over just running. For the first time, you can split ‘running fitness training’ from ‘running form training’. While it's true you need to run to improve running form, you don't need to run every session to improve running fitness. This opens up entirely new, never before available training possibilities.


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"I ran 413km in 48 hours after first training on the BR.  2 years later I still train on it. It does what it says. I love it"
Mick Thwaites - Australian Team Ultra Marathon runner

Runners in 35 countries get real results on the Bionic Runner

Join us today, and run well for years to come.  Remove 9 million lbs of impact a week now.