Runners Knee

 Patellofemoral pain in runners

It sucks, and if you totally rest you will detrain, but if you run you make it worse.  But read on, there is an answer.

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It's very common

Running with PFPS can be agonizing. To add insult to injury, the pain can flare up after periods of prolonged sitting too. What’s a distance runner to do? Whether you’ve been an endurance athlete your whole life or just started running last year, Runner’s Knee can put a miserable damper on your training schedule.

Resting means detraining!

When an injury requires that you stop training suddenly, the effects on your overall fitness and wellbeing are dramatic and rapid. After just 21 days of inactivity, VO2 max declines by 7%. After 56 days, VO2 max declines by 16%. Left ventricular hypertrophy drops by 20% in just a few short weeks. Mature athletes are already fighting an uphill battle, as we lose muscle mass with age. Maintaining strength and muscle fiber are keys to maintaining a long, active, life. By 65 years of age, we are statistically likely to be carrying up to 30% less muscle mass than we did in our twenties. Injury recovery can become not only a setback due to the injury itself, but to our overall wellness by deconditioning the whole body.

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There is a running specific alternative!

Regaining that lost ground while also rehabilitating an injury is an unnecessary waste of time when tools like Bionic Runner are available. By training with a running-specific movement, you don’t have to be sidelined by common injuries. Those diagnosed with Runner’s Knee are often advised to stick to low-impact work like cycling or elliptical trainers. Bionic Runner not only allows you to benefit from the zero-impact training necessary to keep your knees pain-free, it incorporates the best parts of both cycling and elliptical training all while allowing you to train outdoors. Bionic Runner also alters your stride and foot angle ever so slightly, which has been found to reduce knee pain by altering the knee’s angular impulse in subjects suffering from PFPS. Don’t let joint pain prevent you from training to your full potential. You can run without running with Bionic Runner.

Bionic Runner specifically recruits and stresses the same muscles as running. Its unique ability to drive your heart rate into running zones, along with the Bionic Runner’s 60:40 swing vs stance phase timing causes similar physiological adaptations to improve running-specific fitness. Because it is non-impact it is gentle on injuries. Its closed kinetic chain means that you cannot overstride and cause strains. The unique pivoting pedal means that your foot, ankle, knee and hip are always at the correct angles. These features combine to give you a challenging, running specific workout for times when you cannot run


Thousands of runners in 35 countries train on the Bionic runner.  It is recommended by Surgeons, Doctors and Physiotherapists.

Join us and overcome Runners Knee